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Machail Yatra

Machail yatra by helicopter

Commencement date of Machail Yatra – 1st August to 31st August 2016

Ticket Rate

Sno Sector
Two- way
Adult Children Adult Children
1 Kishtwar- Gulabgarh(ONE WAY/RETURN)  Rs 2,900  Rs 2,300  Rs 5,800  Rs 4,600
2 Kishtwar- Machail(ONE WAY/RETURN)  Rs 3,800  Rs 3,300  Rs 7,600  Rs 6,600
2 Machail- Kishtwar(ONE WAY)  Rs 3,300  Rs 2,800
3 Gulabgarh- Machail (ONE     WAY/RETURN)  Rs 2,000  Rs 1,500  Rs 3,838  Rs 2,600

The above rate is inclusive of Sales Tax as applicable in J & K
For booking please contact our handling agent at Jammu Contact No. 09469000760 & 0191-2458101

Terms & Conditions
  1. Same day Passengers reporting will be in the morning time from 05:30 hrs to 13:00 hrs. as informed & for night halt passenger’s reporting will be after 15:30 hrs only & there slots will be informed at Gulabgarh Office
  2. The time given to the passenger’s would be the reporting time only & it should not be considered as flight timings.
  3. Passengers are requested to contact Gulabgarh office a day prior to their journey.
  4. Same day passenger’s would be given preference other then over night halt & one way passenger’s
  5. Passenger’s would be allocated flights on the following criteria : On the first come first serve basis
  6. The minimum waiting period of passenger’s would be 1 hour but it may exceed to 3 – 4 hours as per the ground situation such as wheater condition, time of refuling , the helicopter or non availability of
    passengers at either side.
  7. If the flight is cancelled due to any reason such as bad weather, helicopter unserviceability etc…
    1. The full refund of the ticket would be accorded.
    2. No ticket would be carry forward to next day
    3. No accommodation, meal or cost of transport would be paid or reimbursed or compensated.
    4. Passengers have to make their own necessary arrangements
  8. All out endeavours would be made to accommodate passenger in their own groups, however it may not be possible all times because of weight adjustment in the flight. The group may be divided in subsequent flights
  9. The passenger having more weight than 90 kg would be charged extra @ Rs.150 /- per Kg & Pax more than 120 kg will have to take double ticket.
  10. Handicapped & old (above 80 yrs) would be given preference.
  11. Passenger may carry only 1 small bag of not more than 2kgs off weight in flight.
  12. Excess volume baggage would not be allowed in helicopter flight.
  13. This Travel document issued by the company shall be subject to their rules of cancellation as follows :
    1. Flight cancelled by COMPANY – full fare shall be refunded.
    2. Up to 48 hours before flight departure time – 90% of their total fare shall be refunded.
    3. 25 to 47:59 hours before flight departure time -50% of the total fare shall be refunded.
    4. Less than 24 hrs before flight time shall be treated as “NO SHOW” no refund shall be allowed.

NOTE:- For safe helicopter flying is imperative that weight restriction parameter’s
are adhered to strictly. COMPANY Request the passengers to cooperate with our
staff in this regard.

Machail yatra by helicopterLocation:
Paddar is famously known for the Machail Yatra of Goddess Chandi.Maa chandi resides in the remotest corner of paddar at an altitude of around 9500ft above sea level. It is a trek distance of around 30 Kms of foot from the gulabgrah village. This is the last village connected by road.Every year thousands of devotees pay visit to the Holy Shrine with the faith undeterred and to receive the blessings of Mata machail waali. The number of pilgrims with each passing year has kept on increasing manifolds.

Machail yatra by helicopterThe legend and The Start of Yatra:
According to the ancient sources , Maa appeared in the form of Pindi the same as it is in Vaishno Devi. She came here from the Mindal Bhattas , a small village in Himachal Pradesh to bless the people of Padder. The yatra with Holy mace , starts from Chinote(Bhaderwah)during the month of August with a lot of zeal and fervor amidst the chants of Maa Chandi.