Machail Yatra

Machail yatra by helicopter

Machail yatra by helicopterLocation:
Paddar is famously known for the Machail Yatra of Goddess Chandi.Maa chandi resides in the remotest corner of paddar at an altitude of around 9500ft above sea level. It is a trek distance of around 30 Kms of foot from the gulabgrah village. This is the last village connected by road.Every year thousands of devotees pay visit to the Holy Shrine with the faith undeterred and to receive the blessings of Mata machail waali. The number of pilgrims with each passing year has kept on increasing manifolds.

Machail yatra by helicopterThe legend and The Start of Yatra:
According to the ancient sources , Maa appeared in the form of Pindi the same as it is in Vaishno Devi. She came here from the Mindal Bhattas , a small village in Himachal Pradesh to bless the people of Padder. The yatra with Holy mace , starts from Chinote(Bhaderwah)during the month of August with a lot of zeal and fervor amidst the chants of Maa Chandi.